Risky thing: I’m moving to India, it’s decided!

I'm moving to India!

Visa: check!

moving to India from Colombia

Waiting for my flight to Caracas

It’s been a month or so since I made the decision of moving to India, and since I arrived in this magical country, but I believe my journey started long before and I hadn’t realize that. I came here to work in a fashion company, and as a graphic designer, that would represent a very interesting experience, true, but deep inside I feel this job is just an excuse, that I didn’t change my entire life by moving to India only to achieve some career goal. I came here to work mostly on myself than for a company.

Ok, so it starts like this: Maybe it was the fact that I’m experiencing the so called “quarter life crisis”, (I think crisis is just an awful word to describe the urge to explore and find out who you are and what do you want) or maybe it’s the wanderer in me who as a little girl always dreamed of having the job of one of those guys presenting travel series on discovery channel, but I started doing some massive changes in my personal and professional life.

moving to India - New Delhi

Last flight: Frankfurt to New Delhi

So there I was a month ago, finally deciding to quit my job and pack two little suitcases with a tiny part of my closet in them, leaving behind what it seemed to be a life pretty planned out back in Medellin, Colombia, because I was feeling trapped and said “I’m done here, and I’m moving to India”. But, it’s never that easy, of course, there’s a risky factor: For the traveler is always risky to leave behind their lives before going on an adventure, and in my particular case the risk is not only leaving my family, previous job, friends and things behind, in top of all I decided to move to India -really Laura?-

moving to india from Medellin

Home for the next 12 months

I’ve heard some people say that when you’re feeling extremely hot, drinking a hot beverage will make you feel cooler. I think when you have a little bit of chaos in your mind and then you go and put yourself in an even more chaotic atmosphere you can find some peace of mind after a while. Truth to be told: I really think is working. I hope you enjoy this journey with me and you get to read this diary about happiness and places.


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