Smelly cow?: My first days in New Delhi


Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

Streets in Vasant Vihar, New Delhi

I won’t lie. every two seconds since I arrived in New Delhi all I’m thinking is: “I want to get the hell out of here NOW!”. But to be fair, I haven’t had the most exotic-touristy experience. When you come here knowing you will be living in this city for a year, you start to wonder if you are actually going to make it.  So yes, “get me out of here” is the most common thought in my mind with every new thing that comes across my way.

I was supposed to live in a “really nice apartment” in Gurgaon, but I went there to find out it was only a terrible dark room in a building I can’t describe with a single nice word. Besides, going there made me experience for the first time the traffic in this city, which means feeling like you are about to die in a car crash every two seconds (the driving here is crazy, c-r-a-z-y).

After making a couple of phone calls, and crying for help because of my housing situation, a Colombian girl had mercy and offer herself to help me look for another place to live. I went to spent two nights with her while we did the search. The next morning, I was feeling more calm, I ate the sweetest melon I ever had for breakfast and we went out to do some normal errands in New Delhi.

autorickshaw in New Delhi

First autorickshaw ride

And by normal I mean: Getting a ride in auto rickshaw, screaming at a cow that wanted to smell us, get used to the dust in the air – combine with an awful smell every time you go around the corner – and bargaining with the “bhaiyas” (it means “brother”) the price of the ride, the vegetables, the clothes… of everything, unless it says “fixed price”, and looking for a place to live. I was lucky I found a nice place the next day with really nice roommates, there are a lot of expats in New Delhi that have to live in terrible places for a while before shifting. On my first week there I visited the Lotus Temple with one of my flatmates. It is such a beautiful and peaceful place. Totally worth the visit. 

Lotus Temple, New Delhi, Travel India, Visit New Delhi

Lotus Temple, New Delhi, Travel India, Visit New Delhi

Lotus Temple, New Delhi, Travel India, Visit New Delhi

Before writing this post someone at the Colombian embassy told me: “You only cry twice in India: the day you get here because you’re shocked, and the day you leave because you don’t want to go”. So I have to admit it, my crying has extended for a few days more than it should. But I have a feeling it will be even worse when I leave.

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